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Visual images are revolutionising the world. Whether it's traffic management, security and defense, media, sport, events, presentation, edutainment, traffic and surveillance, utilities and process control or broadcasting - the power and value of effective visual displays has become business-critical.

Questek Advanced Technologies designs and installs visualisation solutions, integrating all aspects of the imaging chain from image acquisition and processing to image display and management. With extensive experience in the broadcasting, large-screen display and projection markets, Questek Advanced Technologies guarantees its customers pioneering visualisation solutions... read more Questek Advanced Technology

Broadcasting, 3d digital cinemas
3D Digital Cinemas

3D brings the magic back to the cinema. It is an experience people only can have in the theater and gains extra revenue for exhibitors as audiences are prepared to pay more to watch 3D movies. With the giant number of 3D releases scheduled for the coming years, 3D digital cinema is becoming an inevitable... read more

Digital cinemas
Control Rooms

Operation centres and control rooms need to function optimally 24/7/365 and therefore employing the most advanced technologies is mission critical. Questek Advanced Technologies has extensive experience in control room consultation and design and a thorough knowledge of the integration of the... read more

outdoor led displays
Sports venues

Sports display solutions give fans and supporters an all-round experience from start to finish, as well as offering sponsors dynamic branding opportunities and advertisers a captive audience. Indoor and outdoor LED displays (large and small), fascia boards, digital perimeters... read more