Everything modular: Interfase and keying


Crystal Vision makes infrastructure and keying products for broadcast engineers in the television industry. Providing logo and chroma keyers and the full range of interface, we specialise in up and down converters, synchronisers, routing switches, audio embedders and video delays - products that regularly win the big project evaluations.

Why do engineers choose our products? Because people like dealing with us.

We're known for our quick delivery, competitive pricing, responsive customer support and five year warranty. We have headquarters in the UK, a sales and support team in the USA, a South American office in Brazil and distributors across the world - making it easy to buy the products, wherever you are.

Video interface

Everything you need for converting, distributing, delaying, processing and synchronising your video signals

Audio interface

Deal with embedded or separate analogue, AES and Dolby E audio, with our embedders, de-embedders, converters, distribution amplifiers and delays

Chroma keying

Create realistic virtual images with our real-time chroma keyers, perfect for any live bluescreen or greenscreen application - from weather to the most demanding virtual studio

Logo keying and clip storage

Choose from simple or sophisticated products for adding graphics to video sources. Add one simple logo, get powerful video and audio branding with three-layer keying and storage for 500 graphics, perform the smoothest picture squeeze, or store 300 seconds of moving video to play out wipes


Our products are inpidual 100mm x 266mm modules that need to be housed in rack frames – with three sizes available, choose a frame that’s appropriate for your own application


How would you like to operate your boards? Choose the control method that suits you most, whether it's board edge operation, one of our control panels, GPIs, PC software, your web browser or SNMP.

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