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Software Components

At Luciad, we are passionate about geospatial software. Our innovative, principled approach and dedication to total customer satisfaction have earned us a reputation for cutting-edge excellence worldwide.

Luciad’s real-time situational awareness geospatial software components are known for their flexibility, high performance and accuracy. They play an invaluable role in safety, aviation, military and transport industries.

Luciad’s software components are designed for the creation of applications that tackle a range of tasks, from top-level strategy to tactical detail and mission planning to operations debriefing. By connecting directly to data sources, Luciad’s software not only analyzes and visualizes what is happening now, but also helps predict what will happen next – allowing users to act quickly and safely. “Connect, visualize, analyze, act” is both our method and our motto.

Today Luciad technology is valued by hundreds of thousands of users on all continents.  

In the past 15 or 20 years, the nature of data has changed dramatically, with an explosion in the volume, variety and velocity of geospatial data. Old computerized mapping systems are simply unable to cope with the “big data” needed to give the end user a complete perception of his environment. Some operators are forced to look at multiple screens simultaneously – before integrating the information in their heads. This is simply not a reliable model for efficient decision-making.

This is where Luciad comes in. Turning the classical system on its head, Luciad designed a flexible, modular architecture that enables users to create the data themes they need at any particular point in time. This revolutionary ‘building block’ approach means that clients can easily build their own applications, share advanced research efforts, and add on to their systems as required.


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