Music concerts, sporting events and fashion shows etc. are transformed into spectacular, unforgettable showpieces that captivate their audiences. A range of technologies from creative displays to image processing provide the staging industry with the means to take events beyond the realms of the audience's imagination.

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Our Projectors
Questek Advanced Technologies supplies a complete range of powerful, high resolution projectors, specifically designed for the staging industry. These projectors are rugged, reliable and built for the road.

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Image Processing

Our Image Processing
Creating a spectacular show does not only require powerful display technology, but also image processing to enhance the visual experience. Barco has a full range of processes for multiple projection and multiple image delivery.

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Innovative L.E.D Displays

Our Innovative L.E.D Displays
Questek Advanced Technologies offers a full spectrum of indoor and outdoor LED display products. Rugged outdoor displays deliver high resolution, full colour images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels.

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  • Indoor LED display solutions - ILite
  • Outdoor LED display solutions - SLite / DLite
  • Outdoor LED display solution - sport - SLite 10 XP
  • Sports Perimeter (SP) solution - optimized for Broadcast - SP-10
  • Multifunctional indoor/outdoor SMD LED display - OLite 612
  • Multifunctional indoor/outdoor SMD LED display - OLite 510
  • Creativity beyond content - MiPix
  • The 360° experience - MiSphere
  • A bright line to creative freedom - MiStrip

Architectural Visual Design

Our Architectural Visual Design
MiSTRIP, Barco's new creative pixel strip, sets a new standard for LED display technology in a wide variety of applications. From large free-form video displays to architectural visual design. MiSTRIP is locally available from Questek Advanced Technologies - leaders in unique dynamic display solutions.

High brightness and tight pixel pitch in a slim, lightweight yet rugged package make MiSTRIP a true all-round performer. The possibilities with this innovative product include not only stunningly bright video displays of any size, shape or form but also lighting-type effects, all in one package. MiSTRIP is also ideal for integration into stage sets, exhibition booths and interior as well as exterior architectural usage. IP656 protection rating and wide operating temperature range enable outdoor usage in any weather conditions. The built-in mounting track and smart cabling solutions make assembly of even very large systems fast and easy. This is your bright line to creative freedom.

Key benefits:

  • High brightness enables usage in both outdoor as well as high bright indoor applications
  • High pixel density (13mm) makes creative high resolution displays possible
  • Flexibility in use - conventional screen or creative
  • Wide symmetrical viewing angle and short minimum viewing distances thanks to 3-in-1 RGB LEDs
  • Rugged, weather proof (IP65)
  • Superior image quality. True 15-bit processing and LED level calibration ensure consistent colour and brightness uniformity

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  • Creativity beyond content - MiPix
  • The 360° experience - MiSphere
  • A bright line to creative freedom - MiStrip


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