Sports display solutions give fans and supporters an all-round experience from start to finish, as well as offering sponsors dynamic branding opportunities and advertisers a captive audience. Indoor and outdoor LED displays (large and small), fascia boards, digital perimeters, scoreboards and timing devices offer an all encompassing solution.

PDF Brochures

  • An investment in the future - 2010 Brochure
  • Barco's B-10 gets you out on the road-a cost-effective solution to really be any time, anywhere - B10 Trailer Screen
  • Rugged outdoor display products that deliver high-resolution, full colour images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels - Slite / Dlite
  • Sports perimeter solution consisting of cutting edge visualisation hardware and advanced dedicated sports software developed and optimised specifically for broadcast - SP-10
  • Is a software solution which allows you to organize and manage scoring information, advertising, team logos, animation and other content for your LED video displays at the click of a button - SportsBox


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