Audiovisual & AV

Questek Supplies Audiovisual & AV Solutions

Questek Advanced Technologies is an expert supplier and installer of audiovisual & AV solutions for shopping centres, exhibition centres, casinos, sports arenas and branding purposes.  Besides being found in entertainment applications, audiovisual solutions are also used in museums (for educational and informational use) and in virtual reality and simulation applications in business and industry.

An example of the latter is the installation that Questek had performed for the South African Air Force; we had equipped their flight simulators with audiovisual & AV virtual reality displays.  In similar vein, we have also installed simulation displays at the Virtual Reality Centre of the Department of Information, as well as at the Simulation Centre of the Air Traffic Navigation Services.  An illusion of reality is created by seamlessly integrating the displays of multiple projectors.

Of course, we also apply our audiovisual expertise at planetariums, where we can set up virtual reality solutions as a means to look into space; museums also present ideal opportunities to try fresh and exciting new ways to present detailed views of the distant past in a way that is both immersive and interesting; banishing the stuffy image many museums still have.  The possibilities are limitless in the domains of electronic documentation, libraries, public interactive catalogues and displays and image and display capture technologies like the solutions we installed at Robben Island and Constitution Hill.

Modern technology allows multiple ways to interact with audiences using imaginative audiovisual & AV solutions to create virtual reality environments that transport spectators to different worlds in the quest for ever more lifelike and interesting ways to inform, enlighten, entertain and educate.  Questek Advanced Technologies is your visualisation solution expert, so contact us today.