Audio Visual Equipment

Modern Audio Visual Equipment Is Unsurpassed


Audio visual equipment has advanced to undreamed of heights since the days of the simple wind-up gramophone and celluloid records. The brass horn and sound box have given way to solid state electronics and hi-fidelity sound while early TV sets with their visible raster lines and 14 inch curved screens have morphed into 100 inch flat screen monitors whose images are indistinguishable from reality. Today’s audio visual equipment has truly undergone a quantum leap from its earliest beginnings.
In selecting audio visual equipment, most of us are looking to create an experience that is as close to reality as is technologically possible. We want to enjoy the experience of a symphony concert as if we were seated in the dress circle with crystal clear images and true sound reproduction that renders each instrument individually audible. This degree of perfection is sought, not only by home users but by advertisers, when selecting the audio visual equipment that will best promote their products or services.
Both in the home and commercial environments, it is common practice to utilise material in many differing formats. Streaming video via the internet, music on compact discs, DVD or Blu-ray movies, digital photographs, audio and television transmissions are commonly used in both situations and one new item of audio visual equipment that has made their integration possible is the media server. These devices also serve to provide outputs in formats suitable for use with a wide variety of other audio visual equipment.
Today’s wide range of video monitors and TV sets offers us a truly unsurpassed visual experience thanks to the progressive development of plasma, LCD (liquid crystal display) and, most recently, LED or light emitting diodes. High definition, surround sound and now, 3D displays, have combined to form the ultimate in audio visual equipment. Commercial users are benefiting as never before from this technology with modern audio visual equipment now offering monster displays in the form of video walls.
Before you make your next purchase of audio visual equipment, contact the industry leaders, for superior products, advice and after-sales support.