Visual Displays

Visual Displays Speak Volumes


Set the mood, sell your latest product, inform a class or entertain the masses; no matter what the nature of your application may be, it is guaranteed to work better with the aid of visual displays. A well designed presentation is able to capture and hold the attention of an audience of learners, potential clients or entertainment seekers and when presented via visual displays that use the latest in advanced audio and visual technologies, the effects can be quite remarkable.

Visual displays vary considerably in form and in the technologies they employ and the large screens seen today illustrate this perfectly. The earliest visual displays were based on projection technology with the projection device placed either in front of a reflective screen or to the rear of a semi-opaque screen that is capable of transmitting an image. Plasma screens, LCD panels and, later, LED panels all represent improvement on the earlier projection technology but applications for all, including projectors, are widespread.

In keeping with the widely-held belief that bigger is better, display screens too have grown in size. In this case, the adage proves to be appropriate and, even in our homes, we now strive to own the biggest flat screen TV that we afford and still avoid bankruptcy. The convenient interconnection capability of LED and LCD panels in particular have meant that display screens can now be built to hitherto undreamed of scales. Video walls made up of many interconnected units may now measure many meters in width and height.

visual displaysIt doesn’t all end there though. Visual displays using interconnected panels are both costly and bulky to transport if necessary. A convenient substitute in the form of the high flexible and portable LED backdrop or video curtain has made transporting and setting up large visual displays much simpler as well as a good deal cheaper, given their less complex structure in which individual pixels are mounted equidistant on a flexible backing.

Few businesses can claim they would not benefit from the use of visual displays. Contact us to learn how you may become a beneficiary.