What You Need for Corporate AV

Exploring Modern Corporate AV Solutions


The days when a sales meeting meant that the MD would assemble the staff and proceed to outline the coming year’s performance goals or highlight last year’s shortfalls with the aid of a white board and some coloured felt-tipped marker pens are, happily, drawing to a close. The overhead projector with its transparencies was the first to offer some improvement for a while and the use of overlays may have breathed a little more life into an otherwise boringly static display but it failed to come close to the sophisticated solutions of modern corporate AV.

As the term implies, an audiovisual display combines images with dialogue to create its effect and while at least some portion of that dialogue may still be provided by a live speaker, many of the most successful presentations now use largely pre-recorded commentary to accompany the visuals.

Another term that is commonly used when referring to modern presentations is multimedia. It refers to the ability to combine the inputs from a variety of differing media such as videotape, optical discs and digital cameras as well as live television in order to create a single, carefully-structured entity.

Early data projectors allowed images such as those created with MS PowerPoint to be projected from a PC or laptop computer on to a large screen in order to facilitate viewing by an audience. Likewise these machines offered a means by which to project a much enlarged images from a DVD in order to simulate a home cinema. Still limited to the use of a single source at any one time, it took the development of the media server to lay the foundation for the true multimedia presentations that are characteristic of today’s corporate and commercial AV.

When a manufacturer is ready to launch its latest widget, it must attempt to create the maximum impact on those attending the launch. The sales and marketing team that will sell it and the members of the press and broadcasting media that will review it must not just understand the concept behind the new product but also embrace the excitement surrounding it. Imagine then, a collage of clever animations with video clips and elegant still images with background music to set just the right mood and a smooth enticing dialogue to create the desire. That is just one of the many scenarios made possible with today’s advanced audiovisual technology.

The smooth integration of various media sources into a single stream is achieved with the aid of specialised software and is something that we witness daily in television news broadcasts when live studio feed cut to archived video footage or outside broadcast material while providing informative overlays and a continuous ticker displaying other news highlights and breaking stories.

Whereas most companies may never have the need for this degree of sophistication, some may well do so. However, any organisation that is seeking to introduce a more professional atmosphere into its presentations will invariably benefit from the use of similar multimedia software.

The transition will invariably require some research into the precise needs and the best means by which to satisfy them and this is an area in which one South African company has established itself as an acknowledged expert not just in the field of corporate AV but also in areas as diverse as medical imaging, broadcasting, traffic control and 3D cinemas. Questek is, above all, a solutions orientated company. Along with the wide choice of the world’s best audiovisual equipment that constitutes its stockholding it has also combined all of the skills and experience required for their implementation.

With the support of this team of specialists, any product presentation, sales conference, strategic planning or training session could be transformed into a captivating spectacle that is guaranteed to push all of the desired buttons and tick all of the required boxes in a way that was never previously possible.

Whether the precise requirement is for the software to integrate a variety of media streams, a large LED display or video wall or even simultaneous conference translation for up to 12 languages, Questek is the recommended first port of call for all South African companies that are in search of a powerful audiovisual presentation solution that really works.

Whether seeking to impress half a dozen potential clients in the boardroom or to fill a large auditorium with delegates from all over the world, success may depend on the quality of the presentations so choose Questek, the nation’s corporate AV expert.