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Questek Advanced Technologies offers a range of top quality broadcast automation products to the industry. We make sure that all the broadcast automation products we deliver and install come from top and well tested brands. Several of the top broadcasting companies already make use of the broadcast automated products available from us.

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The quality of the broadcast automation products combined with our installation expertise and after sale services are reasons mentioned by clients for buying from us. One of the brands available from us is COLOSSUS. It is a state of the art, multi-channel broadcast automation system made by OmniBus Systems.

This unique broadcast channel automation equipment is robust in design ensuring longevity in a highly pressured and busy environment. It is also a scalable solution ensuring that broadcasters can adapt the system to their specific size requirements.

Some of the characteristics which make the Colossus such a winner as a broadcasting automation solution in the multimedia environment are briefly listed below.

  • The system features automated schedule play-outs for multiple channel content.
  • Preview modes are available not only in offline, but also in online mode.
  • Advanced XML based storing and search abilities.
  • Multi-region schedule breakout abilities.
  • Channel view assignments.
  • Control over the broadcasting hardware.
  • Failover control is manual.
  • Single operator control is possible.
  • GPI input/output support.
  • Automated error recovering.
  • Automated logging of errors.

Many more features make the Colossus the broadcasting automation solution of choice for small, medium, and large broadcast companies around the world. Complex channel control is streamlined through the automation, minimizing the risk of human error. Another feature of the Colossus not to be overlooked is the adaptability of the system to ensure that client broadcasting requirements are met. View more information about this unique broadcast automation system and contact us for a quote today.