Broadcast Displays

Questek Supplies Top Quality Broadcast Displays


Questek Advanced Technologies is your visualisation solutions partner and expert.  We offer almost any type of integrated visualisation solution, including the most advanced broadcast displays from top suppliers like Vutrix®.  Vutrix® offers a range of high definition (HD) pixel-to-pixel LCD displays that provide market leading flexibility, quality and convenience for virtually all broadcast monitoring applications. 

Several formats and sizes are available, like True-HD (with a resolution of 1920x1080), standard HD, multi-display units and quad units.  Standard screens are suitable for displaying most HD formats, including 1080i and 720p.  Vutrix® broadcast displays share several winning features, like tally and UMD display, quad-screen processing, safe area cages, audio metres and internal test screen generation.  This enables you to replace several rack-mounted units with a single unit, saving on space and lowering your power consumption.  All the commonly used inputs are accommodated, including SDI, DVI, single- and dual-link HD-SDI, composite and S-Video.

You are always assured of unwavering accuracy, because every screen is calibrated during the production process to ensure faithful tonal range and colour rendition.  The user can adjust the black level shift, gamma and colour temperature to afford him or her added fine-tuning options, depending on the preference, application or the characteristics of the venue.  As an indication of the quality of their products, you will find Vutrix® broadcast displays in TV studios, in outside broadcasting vehicles and in post-production facilities, vision monitoring stations and film studios; in fact, every place where broadcasting professionals demand the highest picture quality and reliability.

Questek Advanced Technologies is ready to provide you with Vutrix® broadcast displays for your broadcasting requirements too.  Come home to quality and service today.  Contact us.