Top Quality Broadcasting Equipment


Questek Advanced Technologies provides a wide range of innovative solutions to clients in the broadcasting industry. We recognize the importance of high quality equipment in the competitive broadcast field of today. As such we ensure that the brands that we install are well recognized and applauded for functionality and quality by industry leaders.

One of the famous brands in the automation of broadcasting is that of Quantel®. We are one of the franchised suppliers of the Quantel® brand and can thus also install their products at client premises. The company produces some of the best streamlining equipment in the world. Their solutions are used in post production and news presentations and include solutions ranging from 3D to HD, all suitable for the present day broadcast industry.

Large and well-known broadcasting companies such as BBC and ESPN make use of their technologies to ensure a competitive advantage through technology. Apart from the Quantel® brand we are also able to install automation products from the esteemed Vutrix® brand known for products that feature advanced functionalities such as quad screen processing and UMD display functionalities. With exceptional image displays through their state of the art screen technology, clients can be assured of top quality colour displays.

The LCD-TFT displays available from the brand are in high demand by producers, film crews, and graphic specialists. The HD displays come with high quality resolution features allowing for as many as 1080 progressive signals without the need to compress at all. The displays include features such as audio metres and UMD display. The brand also offers standard monitor displays offering perfect imaging required by video mixers and broadcasting crews.

View the range of products relevant to the broadcasting industry and contact us today for quotes, assessments of your broadcast equipment requirements and for installation assistance.