Digital Billboards

Benefits of Digital Billboards


Although static billboards will still be around for a couple of years because of resistance to change and also because the advertisers first need to recoup their initial capital investment, digital billboards are now more widely used than ever before.

It isn’t hard to understand why digital billboards are fast becoming the norm especially when considering the display possibilities presented with such. Whereas a static message is often overlooked, a moving or scrolling image or text is bound to get the attention of the driver or passing person. Larger lettering can be used, better colour selection and faster changing of messages. With the average message only having a lifetime of three weeks when static, the digital billboards make it possible to run multiple ads interchanging ensuring a longer lifespan of the ads.

With static billboards, advertising companies can only run one ad at a time. With that then the ads cost more for the advertisers and the income of the advertising company is limited. Digital signage billboards on the other hand, enable the advertising company to ask less for the ads and make more profit because more ads can be run over the same period.

Such ad display areas are easier to market to advertisers. The cost of creating an ad is lower for the advertiser and the possibility to change ads better. This flexibility and the fact that the ad will have a longer lifespan and greater impact, make the digital billboard displays easy to market.

The problems of shade, bright sunlight reflecting on the ad and thus reducing visibility of the advert, as well as normal fading are something of the past when making use of digital billboards. The application possibilities are endless. Questek Advanced Technologies offers a wide range of digital billboards suitable for indoor and outdoor advertising. Contact us for more information and help in the selection of the most appropriate billboard for your particular purpose.