Large Digital Signage

Large Digital Signage For That Big Message


Today, advertising has become more widespread and more visible than ever before. The roadside hoarding that once carried a static invitation to sample some product or other now dominates our streets in the form of large digital signage. The messages they carry are no longer purely static but highly animated and constantly changing. Although not all large digital signage is designed to elicit sales, these displays are certainly intended to capture and then hold the attention of all who see them.

Large digital signage can be produced in a number of different ways. Firstly the images may be projected.  This involves using either a back projection technique in which the images are displayed through a transparent panel or using front projection on to an opaque reflective screen. Large digital signage, today, is commonly generated with monitors that employ plasma screens, LCD (liquid crystal display) or LED (light emitting diode) screens depending on the budget and the ambient conditions at the site where the signage is to be displayed.

One clever and convenient variation on the projection of large digital signage utilises special film screens that can adhere to a shop window. This allows images from a rear projection device to be seen by passers-by even outside of normal shopping hours. By placing special touch screen foil over the existing window film, large digital signage can be enabled to allow shoppers to interact with the display software to get more info or even to place orders.

The size of large digital signage using monitors is not limited to the individual screen. Modern technology allows a large number of screens to be interlocked to form extremely large displays as in the case of video walls, where the millimetre sized bezels of the individual screens make a virtually seamless join and create not only very large digital signage but signage of superb resolution, brightness and contrast.

Large digital signage really sends a powerful message. If you are in the market be sure to contact us for top products and professional advice.