Quantel® Broadcast Systems

Questek Installs Quantel® Broadcast Systems

Quantel® is a British company that was founded in 1973 and it manufactures a market leading range of digital production equipment.  Quantel® broadcast systems are among the best available today and are widely used in the motion picture, video production and television broadcast industries.  Questek Advanced Technologies is a franchised supplier of Quantel® products and we can install a tailored Quantel® visualisation solution for you today.

Quantel® broadcast systems and content creation systems have become world renowned for their quality and excellence in broadcast, post and DI application.  They produce the most efficient and powerful tools for the digital broadcast age, combining complete scalability and top performance.  Streamline and maximise the productivity of your workflows for your post-production, news and sports, digital intermediate and graphics production.  Quantel® really does offer the best combination of features and abilities, offering stereoscopic 3D, 4K, 2K, SD and HD products to meet the needs of even the most demanding broadcasting company.

Their broadcast systems are trusted the world over and by major international companies such as BBC, ESPN, Channel 7 and Sky News Australia, among others.  Quantel® has the experience and technology to engineer integrated sports and news production systems in SD, HD or Stereo3D, getting the news to the viewers more quickly, increasing efficiency, empowering users and all of it on multi-platform distribution channels.  Quantel® products can help you realise your broadcasting opportunities.

At Questek Advanced Technologies, we believe in surrounding ourselves with the best partners, which is why we endorse, supply and install market leading Quantel® broadcast systems, proven to be the best available in the industry over nearly forty years.  Questek can also offer you virtually any other visualisation solution too, so contact us today for more information.