Digital Cinema Projector

The Way Forward For Media Presentations


The distribution and projection of motion pictures is done via means of digital technology with a digital cinema projector. An electronic copy of media to be displayed is stored to a device which then makes use of DLP (this stands for Digital Light Processing) and LCOS (this stands for Liquid Crystal on Silicon) technology. Films that are digitally projected as opposed to being shown making use of light and old film rolls, are known to produce an image just as clear and probably more stable. In fact this type of projection quickly became popular in most cinemas across the globe and for good reason.

digital cinema projctorsA digital cinema projector is used for more than just presenting a film. It can be used in the business world of presentations, security surveillance and so much more. Leading suppliers of such projectors such as Questek Advanced Technologies, usually suggest that potential clients consider the Barco range. This particular range caters to absolutely any screen size and offers a modular digital cinema platform that is easy to use and cost-effective too. They are based on DLP technology and ensure maximum uptime, low running costs and an excessively easy user interface.

The Barco range is a trusted one for many companies and large corporations on an international scale. The range that Questek Advanced Technologies has on offer is quite extensive and varied in order to cater to a variety of business types and sizes. Regardless of your business needs, Questek Advanced Technologies have a solution for you.

Digital cinema projectors have simply transformed the corporate and conferencing world. Never before has media been able to be shown so easily and so clearly. What’s more is that one of these projectors can be trusted to be absolutely reliable. Questek Advanced Technologies is also a black empowered company that strives to bring power images to its clients, and their clients, that simply speak for themselves. They cater to a diverse market and are able to tailor-make imaging and media solutions according to a client’s specific needs and budget. Their products are also aimed at optimising a company’s business efficiency and are guaranteed to impress.

Digital Signage Solutions That Will Get Your Business Noticed


If you are looking for a new way to present your brand and image to your target audience then digital signage is certainly the way forward. Digital signage solutions provided by leading market suppliers are often found in places such as shopping centres, restaurants, airports and financial institutions to name but a few. The media marketing potential of digital signage is absolutely phenomenal and recognised in most markets. Many companies are making use of this type of marketing and already benefiting greatly from the type of presence it has. If being noticed is something you are looking for, for your business, then digital signage and other digital media solutions are the way to go.

One particular company, Questek Advanced Technologies, offers the market a range of digital signage solutions that are designed according to a company’s specific needs and requirements. They offer digital media setups for just about any application at an astoundingly affordable rate. Digital signage is strategically placed in order to make the most out of advertising to your specific target market. This ensures that more results are earned from advertising, unlike with large or broad scale marketing where the target audience is not guaranteed to be reached. As the areas where digital media is often used are generally noisy, images are usually only used to present the marketing message. Visuals are created to be eye-catching and deliver a short message that is easy to remember and understand.

You can even find digital signage in public bathrooms where short messages are used as the audience is only expected to be there for a few minutes at a time. These are most often found within shopping centres advertising a particular store, a brand or even various specials available within the centre or mall. Of course when looking for one of these digital signage solutions it is essential to seek out the advice and assistance of professionals in the field such as Questek Advanced Technologies. With the assistance of this team you can gain access to a wide variety of digital media systems of any particular scale, at a cost-effective rate.

If you are looking for a company to offer you the best digital cinema projectors and signage solutions available on the South African market at an affordable rate then you have come to the right place. Contact Questek Advanced Technologies for more useful information and advice on their packages, rates and options today.


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