Electronic Voting

Advantages Of Electronic Voting


Electronic voting systems are not only useful to the political environment, but also corporate organisations, broadcasting companies, game show hosting companies, and sport organizations. Known as e-voting, electronic voting entails the cast of a vote through the use electronic technology.

The electronic voting system can be by means of an optical scan system placed at a voting outlet, a direct recording system often used at game shows or it can be done by means of transmitting the vote via SMS, Internet or telephonically.

One of the major benefits of such is the speed of counting the ballot. Traditional paper based means entails several persons who can all make mistakes and the conventional method also takes longer. In addition the conventional ballot casting and counting system has several security risks such as tampering with the ballot, losing ballots and fixing the numbers. With the electronic voting system, people can vote at specific outlets, from home, at location or from anywhere in the world where there is Internet connectivity or cellphone communication. In addition, the electronic method has several auditing features embedded ensuring complete security and accuracy. Considering what the technology means for a broadcasting company presenting a sports game of any type of game show, one can appreciate the speed, accuracy and geographic scalability of such a system.

With such systems in use since the 1960’s in a more rugged form such as punch cards, one may even wonder why it took so long to get to the optical scan system that counts voter marks on ballots. The direct voting system records the vote immediately through a single machine and is well suited for game shows.

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