Display Screens

Sports display solutions from Questek Advanced Technologies give fans and supporters what they are looking for ... an experience from the beginning to end with their indoor and outdoor display screens which can be any size.  And the LCD (liquid crystal display) screens are unique and modern. 

There are lots of high tech materials used for screens; standard matte-white is the most versatile; it's surface distributes light evenly over a wide viewing area, and the colours are bright with no shifts in hue.

Display screens come in many sizes, so one should always try to fit the screen to the size of your audience and not the projector, allowing people to read text and see image detail.

Questek will be introducing the video display screen, Barco’s LC56-inch megapixel screen with an LCD display that offers eight times the resolution of the conventional LCD screen. The outdoor display screens display advertisements all over and you can watch them at bus market places, crowded bus stand and railway stations and airports.

Advertisements are changed at soccer stadiums, cricket grounds, etc., and this display of advertising is flashy and attractive.  These outdoor display screens are handy when only the specific consumer needs to be targeted.  But even internationally and nationally, these LCD display screens are highly effective at any well attended  events throughout the world.

Even in the medical field, with the latest technology on screens, an Uppsala University news release has stated that “doctors will soon be able to feel organs via a display screen”.  This really is advanced technology in display screen technology!

Our company has earned the respect of its competitors, we are at the top of the technology game and our customer service representatives are trained intricately about the details of our fantastic range of display screens..

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