Flat Screens

Questek Advanced Technologies are the suppliers of a complete range of flat screen monitors, plasma and LCD screens for display purposes, digital signage, corporate communication and video conferencing. One of the latest improvements in the home industry has been the development of flat screens, and they have many advantages.  It can definitely even add to the aesthetic enhancement of your own home, and it can take up much less space than the older televisions with the bigger traditional designs. 
You get two types of flat screens - the LCD (liquid crystal display) and the Plasma flat screen television.  They both actually have the same features and qualities; they just differ in the way they process the pixels to video graphics. LCD TVs feature liquid crystals, to change the focus of light on the pixels, but plasma TVs use fluorescent lights to turn the pixels on and off. Learning the difference between the two types of flat screens allow people to make decisions about which one suits their needs. 

The flat screen TV has become a must have piece of furniture that most people want in their homes; it’s easy to see why.  Before the arrival of the flat screen plasma TV, with the older bigger TVs, the viewer virtually had to sit directly in front of the unit to get a clear sharp image.  Today, flat screens can be viewed by a lot more people at one time and they are still able to see a full clear picture. The full effect of the images are seen;  not like the old televisions where some of the detail was missing at the edges.

Performance wise, LCD flat screens are fantastic - supported wide viewing angles - more than 170 degrees, and high contrast levels. Questek Advanced Technologies supply flat screen TV's for professional and personal use - development in LCD flat-panel display technology does not only imply a bigger screen size - there is also improved picture performance!

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