LCD Screens

LCD screens are one component of your system that is vital, as this component of your computer system displays the messages, images and data being processed and utilized by the computer's CPU, and there's  no denying that an LCD wins in terms of its physical size and the small space it needs

In a nutshell LCD screens work by having a liquid crystal panel to filter light from a fluorescent lamp, and the first stage of an LCD display involves passing the light through a filter. It then gets into a layer that's filled with liquid crystals that are controlled by the transistors and the light then passes through color filters.

At Questek, we are specialists in the integration, design and installation of innovative state-of-the-art audio visual solutions, such as LCD televisions and screens.  And it's for that reason that we in association with Sony Professional have clinched a deal to supply LCD screening for the Royal Bafokeng Sports Stadium, and screens will also be supplied to the R280-million Orlando stadium in Soweto, and be fitted with a motorized screen, LCD monitors and a projector.

Large LCD screens can be found on trains, at railway stations and in railway control rooms, in shops -- anywhere. Recently, January 9, 2009, the Indian Western Railways announced that they would be installing 4000 large panel LCD screens in 67 trains. These LCD screens will play an assortment of entertainment, all kinds of information and advertising for 18 hours a day in all trains.

 In India for instance, the biggest railway station which is in the state of Kerala in India is classified as being really "swanky" by visitors as a result of LCD flat screen television solutions, which contribute to the overall appearance.

Our vision of the future is our LCD screens, and we at Questek Advanced Technologies are the forerunners in this exciting technology.