Monitoring Solutions

Monitoring solutions is the regular observation and recording of activities taking place in a project; the process of routinely gathering information on all aspects of the project to see how it is progressing. Monitoring solutions in the form of cameras will be placed strategically throughout the facilities provided for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, providing operators a more reliable view of events in and around the stadium. Monitored from a control center, the cameras allow security personnel to enlarge key portions of video images with minimal distortion and offer sharper, higher-resolution images for use as forensic evidence should there be any incidents.

At Questek, we are specialists in the integration, design and installation of state-of-the-art audio visual solutions, and have a proven track record; it’s no wonder that we along with Sony will be integrating audio visual solutions into stadiums that will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2010. With this event almost upon us, the question has been on how to satisfy the local demand for the public to view these very expensive matches in safety.

Video monitoring solutions are set to play a much greater role in industrial security too, and areas that have been abandoned and considered off-limits are going to be gotten back again and put into production thanks to video monitoring solution technology.  Cameras are placed in production plants to take the place of supervisors who will alert management when something goes wrong, and intruders are spotted on camera and are dealt with accordingly.

Monitoring solutions are all about offering users a simplified experience designed to drive workplace productivity, increase security and reduce costs with a set of touch-sensitive buttons, enhancing overall ease-of-use.

Because of the very advanced monitoring solutions of Questek Advanced, manpower is reduced and to some degree replaced with our monitoring technology that does the job highly effectively.

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