Questek Advanced Technologies specializes in high performance projectors for the home cinema, digital cinema and professional world.  Presentations usually require the use of a projector that will make the presentation more sophisticated and more exciting, so you need to carefully consider which projector will best suit your needs. The specifications of the projector that you will have to buy will also depend on the size of your conference or presentation room.

People who have to travel from one place to another for business presentations can invest in good quality portable projectors because they are  easily transported and are easy just to set up. A larger projector must have a brightness capacity of at least two thousand lumens to make the presentation clear even to those who are seated at the back of the room.

Other advantages of  LCD projectors are their high contrast and brightness capability, as well as lower power consumption, and its this combination of factors that make LCD projectors very portable for multimedia use, such as business presentations. Calculating what brightness is suitable for your room is not something you can work out; the more ambient light that hits the screen surface, the brighter the projector will need to be.

Because people can't always get to cinemas and don't want to spend considerable amounts of money, they resort to a home theatre system in their own living room with their own projector, and they are able to achieve a great movie experience at home with these projectors, and their lounges are enveloped in image and sound!

Questek has long been associated with high quality projectors, and we will gladly help you select the right projector for your conference room or home, as well as advice on projector screens and other accessories for a professional installation.

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