Questek Advanced Technologies

The Questek Group was established in 1988 by Frans Kruger, Chris Pretorius, Trevor Strugnell and George van Gills.  At first this group imported a premier range of television broadcast and production equipment as well as electronic management systems for the passenger transport industry, but due to the diverse skills and experience that the Questek Group has, we have become leaders in a number of specialized markets. Questek Holdings (Pty) Ltd. was formed, of which Questek Advanced Technologies forms a part.

We are a black-empowerment company and are leaders in the market of visual value solutions. Therefore today, Questek Advanced Technologies designs and installs visualization solutions, and we have extensive experience in the broadcasting, large-screen display solutions which range from control rooms to entertainment applications.  We use visualization which is a technique to create images, diagrams or animations to communicate a message. 

Visualization today is continually expanding applications into the science and engineering, education, multimedia, and medicine sectors, etc. and visual images are revolutionizing the world.  We offer visualization solutions in any upcoming events like music concerts, sporting events, fashion shows, etc.

We also offer solutions in control room functioning and here we use the most advanced technologies to integrate the application software for such facilities.  Questek Advanced Technologies has also been designing and integrating multi-media solutions for boardrooms auditoriums, conference centers government chambers, lecture rooms, museums, etc. and we help leisure centers and planetariums to create new, exciting worlds for visitors to enjoy, immersing them in the magic of the 3D world.

Questek Advanced Technologies and Sony have signed an agreement for the 2010 FIFA World Cup to participate in the tender process to supply network electronic solutions to the venues that will be hosting the 2010 World Cup!

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