Questek Advanced Tecnologies are leaders in visualization solutions, i.e. all kinds of screens, projectors, monitors, 3D displays, video walls, and stage lighting, etc., so if you were looking for a screen to boast enhanced contrasts, brightness, image and anti-reflective coatings, then you wouldn’t have to look any further than what we have to offer.  Our range of DNP optical screens with advanced optical lenses allows you to control the image.

The type of projector screen surface to use is partially dependent on the projection technology of your video projector. The normal or conventional type of front and rear projection screens spread light in all directions, but the optical screens enhance the image for optimal viewing and they do this by combining the focusing of a Fresnel lens with the distributing properties of the lenticular lenses.  From this you get a result that is 4 times brighter, 4 times more uniform images with no “hot-spots” or darker places.

We are the leading distributors of Barco’s range of LED display solutions; and have been closely following the installation of video solutions in sports stadiums throughout Europe, the Middle East and Asia, as well as other countries, and the United States have just recently got Barco to provide the screening solutions to stadiums that hold soccer, athletes, rugby, cricket and horseracing events! Whatever the event, all the software and hardware solutions are designed for each client.

South Africa’s international airports also bear testimony to our multi-medial screen solutions by the installation of full colour 15” LCD digital screens in 52 washrooms of the Johannesburg, Duran and Cape Town airports.  These were selected for their high brightness and resolution.

At Questek, we have come up with a range of projection screens, each with a choice of surfaces to suit different presentation media applications.