Auditorium Displays

Questek Adanced Technologies are the leaders when it comes to auditorium displays. Already for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, we, along with Sony have been selected to install networked solutions to the Orlando and Royal Bafokeng stadia. This consists of motorised screens, LCD monitors and projectors, all the very latest technology that Questek is so well known for, and being the best in their field, these resources will be used in years to come.

Our auditorium displays technology is also to be seen and enjoyed at Fourways, Johannesburg, at the well known Montecasino auditorium where the D-Cine Premier DP100 digital projector has been installed. Questek realises  that this Premiere range offers the most advanced digital cinema projectors globally, allowing 3D to take the cinema experience to a new level in displays for audiences.

As far as outside displays are concerned, we at Questek and Barco have used the LED display product Slite, which enables large viewing distances. This SLIte system is ideal for use in the bright outdoors environment and is able to stand up perfectly to harsh outdoor elements like rain, snow, and very bright, hot sunlight. Spectators receive optimal viewing conditions outdoors with extra sharp vision clarity which is achieved at extreme viewing angles, both for inside and outside auditorium displays.

Music programming is fantastic when viewed in high definition.  With surround sound, the sound has the effect of coming at you from all directions just as if you were at a live event, with speakers all  around the auditorium.

Large presentations come with challenges and we control all the acoustics, sound systems, cameras, microphones, lighting, and other equipment involved with auditorium displays or theatre style presentations.

Questek are the providers of the projectors that work wonders with auditorium displays, and we guarantee our customers pioneering visualisation solutions that will keep you satisfied and up to speed with the latest in auditorium display technology.