Shopping Centre Displays

Shopping centre displays have the ability to reach all the consumers for point of sale. For most shoppers, their final decision to buy something is based on the price, the brand, the product, and of course display. Digital shopping centre displays are the perfect way to attract customers to a product,  It's become almost imperative today and it is a recognised factor that over 60% of purchase decisions are made in the shop itself.

And shopping centre displays are targeted at different shoppers with different agendas, for instance if you know your shopping centre draws a large lunchtime crowd, then running displays about foods in the late morning or early afternoon can drive people to the food court. Digital shopping centre displays are timely, and this makes them a superior way of getting the message across to your audience.

Capturing the shoppers attention and influencing their decision will make all the difference when it comes to selecting one product over another. Its not hard to understand why LCD display screens are rapidly being adopted by retail stores and restaurants. Shopping displays have become a feast for the senses.  Surveys show that these constantly changing and updated displays generate 32.8% more in-store traffic, and in restaurants, shopping centre displays are used to display menus and entertainment.

Most shopper are interested in learning about the latest sales, demos and promotions going on, and its a fact that people want to see what's on sale. They are there to shop.

Questek Advanced Technologies offers ‘visual value solutions’ which answer specific customer needs in diverse markets. Our shopping centre displays enables store owners to install digital signage advertising displays that will deliver flashy and specific departmental advertising focused on the customer at the critical point of the buying decision, the point-of-purchase!