Surveillance Displays

When you decide to monitor your house or your offices with closed circuit television surveillance, its the same as having an entire television network devoted on just the safety of your house or office.  These surveillance displays and systems are proving to be very, very popular in large public places like shopping centres, airports, stations, and casinos, where security is of the utmost importance, and many organizations have turned to  video surveillance displays to combat crime and protect against acts of terrorism.

When it comes to securing  transportation networks for the 2010 Soccer World Cup, for instance, our harbours and airports as well as other passenger terminals will rely on  displays to protect passengers and property and reduce theft and vandalism.

Some studies are even proving that surveillance displays are actually preventing some crimes before they even happen, while other studies show that surveillance can be of great benefit in detection and prosecution.  A large amount of cases have been solved simply by using the CCTV surveillance in public places.

Surveillance displays not only can stop crime, they can solve crime as well; it's a powerful addition to anyone's security, and with the latest technology, the newest surveillance systems eliminate the need to spend hours serially reviewing video tape recordings in order to find the images you need.

At Questek Advanced Technologies, we have all the expert  knowledge and guidance when it comes to equipping properties with  top of the range surveillance systems.

We are leaders in the market of visual value solutions, which includes our surveillance solutions.  With these systems, security personnel will be able to know what is happening on sports grounds, in airports etc. At Questek Advanced Technologies, we manufacture and market the best Surveillance displays and other security systems, helping protect people and property for major events by providing the most cost effective approach to surveillance applications requiring high resolution images of
expansive coverage areas.