DNP Optical Screens

As the world’s leading developer and manufacturer of optical screens, DNP does not create for just the ordinary viewing experience, but the for the optimum in viewing pleasure. With their advanced optical lens systems, DNP optical screens allows the user to manage the projected image for a maximum impact. This is specifically ideal in brightly-lit surroundings.

The two categories you can choose from with DNP optical screens are front or rear projection screens. What sets optical screens, both front and rear, apart from their conventional predecessors is the fact that the light is not projected in different directions, but rather focused and concentrated, enhancing the image for the most optimum viewing.

DNP’s optical front projection screen, known as the Supernova Screen, was the first to break the empirical contrast barrier of 15:1, making its contrast 10 times higher than that of the average front screen. Available in sizes up to 120” in 16:9, these DNP optical screens are also easy to install, compatible with all DLP, LCD, and LCOS projectors, and can project in brightly-lit surroundings.

DNP’s rear projection screens on the other hand provides images that are up to 4 times brighter and sharper than its conventional predecessor. Similar to that of the front projecting screen, rear projection is also very effective in outdoor or brightly-lit surroundings. What sets the rear projector apart from front projecting is the fact that the projector is placed behind the screen, shooting the footage or images towards the audience.

In general DNP optical screens are the ultimate choice for events such as conventions and so forth. Not only because of their superior quality but also because of its exceptional visibility, no matter the position you look at it. Therefore, if you want to ensure that everybody attending your event are able to see clearly the images you are projecting, opt for DNP optical screens.

If you would like to find out more about DNP optical screens or are planning an event that requires the use of advanced technologies, contact us. With Questek Advanced you can be certain that not only will we provide you with the best service, but also the highest quality of AV equipment.