TV Screens

The Ever-Evolving Technology Of TV Screens

Anybody who’s ever watched television will know that the technology of TV screens has evolved immensely over the last few years. In fact, the market is currently overflowing with advanced television technology that offers the viewers enhanced viewing pleasure, but none so much than DNP optical screens made available to you from Questek Advanced Technologies.

It can easily be said that DNP is the world’s leader in both developing and manufacturing optical TV screens that provide the viewer not just a normal viewing experience, but rather the ultimate, unparalleled viewing pleasure. What’s more is that DNP optical screens are perfect for brightly-lit areas, allowing the user to manage the projected image for a maximum impact. With amazing colour clarity and life like visuals, these TV screens makes the viewer almost feel like they are in fact part of the scene.

With DNP optical screens you are given two choices: front or rear projection screens. Both these have their specific features, but what set both these front and rear screens apart from their predecessors is that allows you to become a master of lighting. In comparison with conventional front and rear screens that used to spread the light in different directions, optical screens focuses the light more directly. This is done by combining the distributive properties of lenticular lenses with that of the Fresnel lens’ focusing abilities. The end result – an image with four times the brightness without those dark corners or “hot spots”.

Another reason why these TV screens can be described as the optimum in screen technology is because of its high-quality black-levels. Single lens projectors for instance, are quite well known for the fact that they offer great bright images, but poor quality black-levels. To overcome this issue DNP developed their Black Bead and Ultra Contrast filters which improved the contrast and the black levels of the image to create the perfect picture in any kind of environment, including outdoor settings and brightly-lit rooms.

So if you are looking to experience the ultimate in viewing pleasure, contact us. With our knowledge and experience of creating unique visualisation solutions, you can be certain that we will offer you only the latest and most advanced technology available with regards to TV screens.