Flat Screen Monitors

Questek Advanced Solutions are the preferred supplier of both LCD and plasma flat screen monitors.  These designs are called flat screen monitors because their technology allows them to be much thinner and more compact than traditional CRT monitors with their bulky glass tubes.  Flat screen monitors can be used at computer workstations, for video conferencing and other forms of corporate communication, for digital signage or for entertainment purposes, in the form of home televisions.

LCD flat screens have really come of age.  In the past, they had poor latency, worse blacks and terribly restrictive viewing angles.  The first has been totally banished by the newer 120Hz LCDs, the second has been fixed with new LED backlighting and modern LCDs are viewable from almost any angle.  In fact, LCD has caught up with plasma both in terms of quality and price, and they use significantly less electricity too.

The two types of technology differ much in the way they produce a picture.  An LCD display has a fluorescent or LED backlight that sends light through liquid crystal molecules and a polarising substrate.  It is a passive system, and applying a voltage to a pixel can darken it so that it does not let through any light.  A plasma screen is a network of red, green and blue phosphors mounted between two thin glass layers.  Each triad makes up one pixel.  Small electric pulses are used to excite argon, xenon and neon gases to produce light and colour information.

Questek Advanced Solutions supply plasma and LCD flat screen monitors for business, security, corporate or private use.  Contact us for any type of visualisation solution.