Flat Screens

There are two types of flat screens:  the plasma screen and the LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screen.  Questek Advanced Technologies supply both types of flat screens, for video conferencing, corporate communication, display purposes, digital signage or private home use.

Both types of flat screen is noted for their thin, compact designs, completely at odds with the bulky case that houses a traditional CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) television with its large glass tube and high weight.  This makes flat screens much more practical and attractive and they may even add to the aesthetics of your home, instead of detracting form it.  Flat screen televisions have excellent picture quality and they can be viewed at more oblique angles, unlike CRTs, where some of the detail around the edges is lost and the picture is somewhat distorted when viewed at an angle, because of the rounded tube.

Plasma televisions use fluorescent lights to turn the pixels on and off, while LCDs use liquid crystals to change the focus of the light on the pixels.  Both offer excellent image sharpness and contrast.  Plasma screens had tended to be cheaper, but LCDs have caught up both in terms of quality and price and now offer an excellent alternative.  Plasma screens do use quite a bit more power than LCD screens.

Contact Questek Advanced Solutions for all you need in terms of flat screens, be it plasma or LCD, for entertainment, security, home or corporate use.  We are the recognised market leaders and can offer you any type of visualisation solution.