Advertising Displays

Questek Advanced Technologies specialise in innovative, integrated visualisation solutions such as stadium, conference and advertising displays.  LCD advertising displays have become more popular of late, since they are eye-catching, effective and compact.

To this end, Questek has recently installed 120 LCD advertising screens in the public washrooms of the Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town international airports.  The high-resolution 15-inch displays were selected for their superior brightness and contrast properties and advertisers advertise on five-minute schedules.  This type of targeted marketing is extremely effective and advertisers can select their audience and marketing within fine limits.  Public washroom displays are gaining popularity because advertisers have a captive audience that is exposed to the advertising for several minutes.  On average, men spend 1.5 minutes and women 3.5 minutes in public restrooms.

Another example of Questek’s advertising display expertise is the advertising screens we installed at six of Nokia’s national stores that experience the highest traffic volumes.  The eye-catching video cube display walls of 2.5m wide by 1.9m high allow consumers to download ringtones, check statements, browse the Internet and access information via a touch screen experience.  For these applications, Questek uses Hantarex LCD rear projection cube touch screens, specifically meant for video walls and the module is stackable and configurable at will.

Questek Advanced Technologies supply and install these and many other types of advertising displays.  There are many applications for these screens, like at sports arenas, casinos, concerts, bars, shopping complexes, bill boards, exhibitions and point-of-sale displays; any place that people frequent and where advertisers can market their wares.  Contact us today.