PC Screens

Questek Advanced Technologies supply flat PC screens, also known as flat panel screens, which make use of LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) or plasma technology.  Flat PC screens are superior to the old CRT (cathode ray tube) technology with its large glass tube and high weight.

LCD screens have become very popular for PC use of late, but they have had to overcome some obstacles first.  Older LCDs had poor latency and were only viewable from virtually dead ahead.  They were acceptable to work on, but their slow responses and smeary motion imagery met with universal disapproval among gamers and people who watched movies on their PCs.  The technology was only really used on laptop computers where the compact size and low power consumption outweighed the disadvantages.  Modern LCDs display none of these foibles.  Plasma technology is also a popular flat screen technology.

LCD screens utilise liquid crystals to change the light’s focus on the pixels and use very little power with it.  Plasma screens use fluorescent lights to turn the pixels on and off and has a higher power consumption than an LCD.  Both types are thin and light and can be mounted on a wall or on a stand; there is also little to choose between them in terms of picture quality, sharpness and contrast properties.  Flat screens are very popular for PC use, because they use so much less desk space than CRTs, are much easier to move and are also a lot thriftier on electricity.

 Questek Advanced Technologies supply these PC screens and other screen solutions for public broadcast, entertainment and business use.  Contact us for more information.