Displays And Lighting

When it comes to displays and lighting, Questek Advanced Technologies is your expert of choice. We offer displays and lighting for any type of event or application. We tailor our visualisation solutions to suit the requirements of every single client

If you want to visualise your message to great effect, large displays are very useful. These can be installed at a corporate event or product launch to display advertisements, corporate videos and promotional material about the product, while the speakers are delivering their presentations. Large displays are also utilised very effectively at sports and music concert venues to relay imagery to the audience. LED displays are often used for this purpose and offer excellent brightness for outdoor use. Cheaper, indoor LED displays are also available, but a multi-functional display is preferable if you envisage that it might be moved around and should be usable both indoors and outdoors.

Questek also provides event and stage lighting solutions for rock concerts, operas and other types of artistic events. We have perfected the art of truly arresting lighting effects that show off the performers to best effect. It is essential that your lighting should create the right mood and effect, yet still illuminate the performers’ faces sufficiently to show their facial expressions clearly. We install lights wherever they make the most sense for an event, like in the wings of a stage, or overhead. Multi-colours and flashing lights may add just the dimension you were looking for.

Questek Advanced Technologies are your displays and lighting professionals for any type of event. Contact us today to find out more about our integrated visualisation solutions.