Large Displays

Questek Advanced Technologies supply large displays for private, commercial or corporate applications. We believe that DNP optical screens are the best large displays available for a number of very good reasons. Large screens are often used in brightly lit conference or meeting areas and even outdoors. This places specials demands on them: they need to work well in high ambient light and movable models should be available to aid versatility

The DNP screens are rather more expensive than other screens, but they are unquestionably superior to most of the alternatives. They feature short built-in depths and are easy to install; they may be fixed or of a retractable design, which allows them to retract out of sight and into an elegant housing. An anti-reflective coating minimises reflections and they usefully double as whiteboards on which one may use whiteboard markers.

Several factors give the DNP screens their competitive edge. In contrast to single-lens projectors, they offer vastly superior brightness and contrast properties and far richer black levels. In fact, they are so bright that they are perfectly usable in outdoor applications or in brightly lit meeting spaces. The image produced has uniform brightness, refreshingly free from any dark or bright spots. A Fresnel lens’ superior focusing ability is combined with a lenticular lens’ even light distribution to achieve a crisp, bright image, which is noticeably better than a conventional single-lens projector.

Questek Advanced Technologies offer large displays from DNP to satisfy the requirements of even the most fastidious of clients. Contact us today.