Personal Displays

Several years ago, personal displays used in conjunction with desktop PCs use to be of the Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) design. It was not always an elegant or practical solution, because a CRT is bulky and heavy and takes up a lot of desktop space with its large glass tube in a big housing. Today, plasma and Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology have all but taken over from CRTs as the first choice in personal displays. Questek Advanced Technologies can meet all your display requirements

Plasma displays used to hold sway because of their superior latency and good contrast, but they do use more electricity than LCDs, because fluorescent lights are energised, which turn pixels on and off. LCD technology, on the other hand, makes use of liquid crystals that change the light’s focus on the screen pixels. However, old LCDs displayed poor contrast and even worse latency, leading to smearing and ghost images. Nor could they be viewed from oblique angles. This had meant that their use was mostly confined to laptops that required low power, compact displays. Laptop users simply had to live with the disadvantages.

Today, LCDs have overcome all the obstacles and have become the flat panel screens of choice. They are compact and slim and may be wall-mounted as well. It leaves you with significantly more packaging and desktop organising options. Plasma screens offer little to claim superiority over LCD screens.

Questek Advanced Technologies can supply both LCD and plasma personal displays for PC use. To learn more about our integrated visualisation solutions, Contact us today.