Screens and displays visualise ideas. Questek Advanced Technologies supply not only screens, but entire, integrated visualisation solutions for their clients, covering the whole visualisation chain from image acquisition to the processing thereof and the eventual display and management

The extent of our expertise is clearly demonstrated in the projects we participate in. The Royal Bafokeng stadium will be an official 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup stadium and the Orlando Stadium will serve as a training facility. Questek provides the local expertise and will install high-definition audiovisual solutions at both these venues in collaboration with Sony and Barco, two recognised world leaders in display technology. Some of these solutions will include IP monitoring, digital signage and score boards. However, our products and solutions are not only used at sports venues, but also in museums, digital conferencing, security control rooms, in corporate settings, for public broadcasting and in restrooms. In addition, the retail, advertising, simulation and transport industries also benefit from our solutions.

We supply networked and integrated visualisation solutions in the fields of edutainment, traffic management, media applications and surveillance. These may take the form of media servers, LED displays, large video walls, image processing and digital cinema solutions. We are also proud to offer the superb DNP range of large optical displays, which produce a superior image to conventional single-lens projectors. The DNP displays offer such startling brightness and contrast that they are perfect for places with high ambient light and outdoors.

Questek Advanced Technologies is not a one-dimensional supplier of niche products and screens – we truly offer all-encompassing visualisation solutions. For more information Contact us today.