Digital Signage Solutions

Digital signage allows you to use attractive, eye-catching graphics on screens that are positioned to target a specific audience and catch their attention. Your content should be well thought out and your graphic designs simple yet interesting for your digital signage campaign to be effective. On our part, Questek Advanced Technologies will supply the expertise and products to make it all happen for your business.

To a large extent, digital signage has started to replace a lot of the print media to reach certain customers. It is also cost-effective, because it is a highly targeted form of marketing that can deliver a specific message to a specific audience. People are likely to pay more attention to an eye-catching LCD or plasma screen that displays a dynamic, easy to memorise message. This is why companies use digital signage extensively at places like airports, shopping centres, restaurants and public restrooms.

In places like shopping centres, your screen message may serve to remind customers of your products. Display is an important part of the buying decision and if you can get people to buy your products by reminding them with your digital message, your solution has already started to recoup its own costs. Research has shown that shopping displays like these can improve in-store traffic by over thirty percent. Shops can show their latest products and specials on these displays. People are already visiting the shopping centre to shop, so remind them of your product right there.

Questek Advanced Technologies can design you a digital signage solution with all the appropriate hardware to suit your specific application and budget, so Contact us today for more information