DNP Large Screens

Questek Advanced Technologies believes that DNP large screens are possibly the best large screens currently available on the market. They are more expensive, because of their advanced optical lens systems, but the result is superior brightness and contrast and excellent black levels. The brightness and contrast, especially, is what makes DNP screens ideal in outdoor and brightly lit locations.

large screensDNP manufactures rear projection screens that can produce images that are four times brighter and sharper than competitive brands, making them suitable for applications where high ambient light levels are anticipated. DNP’s famous Supernova is a large optical front projection screen available in sizes up to 120 inches. It was the first optical screen to exceed a 15:1 contrast level, which is ten times better than comparable conventional screens. Because of the brilliant contrast and excellent brightness levels, it is often used at outdoor events and in brightly lit conference and meeting facilities. These screens are easy to install and they are compatible with several types of projectors, including LCOS, LCD and DLP projectors.

DNP screens do not take up a lot of space to install and feature short built-in depths and an anti-reflective coating that minimises distracting reflections. Both fixed and retractable designs are available – the latter retracts out of sight into an elegant housing when not in use. They may even double as whiteboards if you have whiteboard markers on hand. DNP screens’ edge lies in their combination of Fresnel and lenticular lens technology, rendering incredibly crisp and bright images.

Advanced Technology For Screens Presented To The Market By Professionals


When it comes to finding the latest and best screens for use in your business or home, you are going to seek out a company that makes use of the most advanced technology for screens on the market. Many of us do this as we want the best image quality; value for money and of course the best that the market has to offer.  When installing screens, monitors and televisions in our homes or the workplace, we want them to be the envy of our family, friends and competitors and with the help of the professionals in the industry, this is possible.

At Questek Advanced Technologies we pride ourselves on making use f the most advanced technology for screens in the manufacturing phase. The brands and models that we stock have been designed and created by the best and offer nothing short of product quality and absolute value for money. When browsing through our range of available screens and displays you will find that each and every one of them is flawlessly designed. We offer projectors, flat screens, video conferencing systems, display screens, switching and interfacing technology, delegate systems, digital cinemas, broadcasting systems, LEDs, image processing systems, video walls and even media servers. Regardless of your display needs, we have the solution to match.

Questek Advanced Technologies is a BEE company with the desire to bring power images and visualisation to both businesses, and private homes. If you want to present both abstract and concrete ideas for marketing in the work place, or even just enjoy a good movie at home, access to technologically advanced screens is required. We believe in ensuring that our clients are provided with access to a wide variety of screens that are made available at a cost-effective rate.

When it comes to the installation of hardware and software visualisation solutions, Questek Advanced Technologies is just the place to go. We have a great deal of experience in large screen display, broadcasting and projection to offer and will ensure that your display requirements are met effortlessly. Take the time to chat to one of our friendly consultants about our advanced technology for screens and how we can assist you with all your home and business display needs and requirements. We will ensure that you are provided with access to the best products on the South African market, at the best possible rate. 

Waste no time in requesting further information and advice on our advanced technology for screens and the screens that we stock.

Questek Advanced Technologies supply the best DNP large screens available today. Contact us today for more information.