LCD Screens

With the advent of flat panel technology like plasma and LCD screens, nobody spares CRT monitors a thought anymore. CRT stands for Cathode Ray Tube and these are the large, glass tube televisions and displays we have become used to before flat panels like plasma and LCD screens reached the market. Questek Advanced Technologies is at the forefront of this market and can offer you tomorrow’s LCD screen technology today.

LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display: a fluorescent lamp is the light source and the liquid crystals focus this light source’s light on the pixels. In contrast, a plasma display would use the actual fluorescent lights to turn the pixels on and off. LCD displays were rather poor in the beginning years, offering poor latency (with resultant smearing across the screen) and poor viewing angles. They were only really used on laptop computers because of their compact, flat and economical display technology.

Today’s LCDs have caught up with all other types of flat panel technologies and offers superior latency, excellent brightness and contrast and far more convincing black levels than before. Viewing angles often reach 170 degrees and it even uses less electricity than a plasma display. The very latest LCDs are even thinner than before and features LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting along the edge of the screen in preference to backlighting, for a super-slim and elegant design.

Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you LCD screens for home entertainment, computer, digital signage, conference or meeting facilities, stadium displays or many other uses. Contact us today for more information