Point Of Sale Displays

Point of sale displays are the screens or monitors found at checkout cash registers. Nowadays, a point of sale display is usually a flat panel LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) linked to an input device like a keyboard. Touch screens are becoming increasingly common, saving on space at the checkout point and facilitating easy operation. Questek Advanced Solutions offer point of sale displays for any application and can implement a fully integrated, networked solution for your business.

Many years ago, a point of sale display was nothing more than a one-line LED (Light-Emitting Diode) display on top of a cash register, showing the totals to the customer. Later versions had more lines and could display more information, before small CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) monitors replaced them, giving the operator significantly more information in response to inputs. CRTs are the traditional, bulky and heavy glass tube screens that many television sets still employ. They waste space and power and cannot match a good modern flat panel LCD or plasma point of sale display for convenience and ease of use.

Modern point of sale systems employ LAN (Local Area Network) technology and are fully networked and integrated with the scanner system. Laser scanners scan products’ barcodes, obviating the need to type in prices manually, minimising human error and time wastage. If a barcode is not recognised, an error message will display on the screen and the operator can still type in the code manually, using the touch screen.

Let Questek Advanced Technologies conceptualise a modern, networked POS system with flat panel, touch screen point of sale displays for your business. Contact us today for more information.