Event Displays

An event display is a large, presentation-quality display that may be used at a concert, a sporting event or perhaps a presentation or product launch.  By necessity, an event display is usually possessed of superior brightness and contrast qualities to make it versatile enough to use indoors or outdoors, where ambient light levels are very high.  Questek Advanced Technologies can supply event and other displays for virtually any application.

At Questek, we can design and implement an entire display solution for you.  Mobile displays can be moved indoors and outdoors as required, but should conform to outdoor requirements to be truly useful.  Low-brightness indoor displays cannot be used outdoors and would fail at the dual purpose role.  If it is a fixed display that will only be used indoors, you may save some money by specifying a lower specification derivative.  Presentation displays can add depth to any presentation or product launch because they can be used to display video material while the speaker is on the stage, or display inserts between speeches.

Whatever the purpose, a well-conceived event display layout can capture and audience’s attention and hold their interest.  In many cases, numerous large event displays are required, like at music concerts.  Thousands of people may attend these live concerts and many of them stand right at the back and can hardly see anything that is happening onstage.  Large displays are erected that relay the camera team’s footage to the screens.  The same is often done at large sports stadium to show the action close up or replay the televised slow motion inserts.

Whatever event display solution you require, just contact Questek Advanced Technologies today.