LED Monitors

Not all LED monitors employ the same technology.  The LED (Light-Emitting Diode) moniker is often somewhat loosely applied to different screens that have little in common besides the actual presence of light-emitting diodes.  At Questek Advanced Technologies, we can supply all types of LED monitors and displays for a range of different applications.

Large LED displays use the actual LEDs as pixels.  These LEDs are far larger than the tiny pixels on a television or computer monitor and these screens offer a very poor close-up resolution.  However, this is not what they are designed for.  Large displays like these can measure metres across and are used at sporting events, outdoor displays and music concerts to relay large images to audiences, relaying footage on screen that the audience cannot see because they are too far from the action.  Over these distances, LED displays come into their own, offering superior brightness, even outdoors during the daytime.

Smaller LED displays used for television sets employ vastly different technology.  Here, the LEDs often only serve to provide crisp, bright and evenly distributed backlighting behind an LCD (liquid crystal display); the LEDs do not display the picture.  LED backlighting is preferable to the older fluorescent lamp backlighting by dint of its lower power consumption and lower heat emission properties.  These LCD TVs are frequently (and confusingly) referred to as LED TVs because of their LED backlighting.

Questek Advanced Technologies can supply all LCD and LED monitors, whether it is a large LED display for presentations or entertainment, or a LED-backlit LCD television for your living room.  Contact us today.