Wide Screens

Wide screens are screens with an aspect ratio that is significantly wider and flatter than conventional monitors and televisions.  Wide screens have an aspect ratio of 16:9, or 1.77, whereas the traditional television aspect ratio is 4:3, or 1.33.  Questek Advanced Technologies can supply any type of screen, monitor, television or visualisation solution for corporate or private use.

Movies use the wide screen format and this means that feature films are best viewed on a wide screen, where the image uses up the whole screen area.  On a conventional television set, the same film’s image would not fit the screen.  The movie could be displayed to show its full width, in which case two large black bars would show above and below the image and the image would have to be shrunk a lot to fit onto the screen: a less than ideal solution.  The other option would be to use the full height of the screen, in which case large chunks of the extreme left and right of the picture would be lost.  As you can see, neither solution is satisfactory.  The only satisfactory remedy would be to watch the movie on a proper wide screen.

Advanced optical wide screens, like the range made by DNP, employ the superior light distributive properties of a lenticular lens and the focusing ability of a Fresnel lens to render a crisp, clear and bright image devoid of light spots and dark corners.  DNP screens are more expensive, but their superior quality is immediately evident.

Questek Advanced Technologies can meet your requirements for wide screens and any other type of visualisation solution.  Contact us.