Professional Monitoring Solutions

The advanced monitoring solutions supplied by Questek Advanced Technologies can significantly reduce your reliance on manpower and boost your workplace productivity.  You would still need personnel to man the system, but they would be far more effective and all-seeing with the modern monitoring solutions available today, substantially shoring up your security and reducing your costs.  Monitoring allows you to observe and record activities and processes taking place, whether it is project progress or watching out for criminals.

Properly planned monitoring solutions improve employees’ safety too, because now you can remove workers from areas that are dangerous for humans, like certain places in factories or where dangerous chemicals or machinery are present, or where temperatures or contamination make it unsafe for humans.  You can still keep an eye on these areas through remote surveillance without putting employees in harm’s way.  In factories, you can monitor the factory floor, spot unauthorised access and see when something goes wrong, leaving supervisors to attend to more pressing tasks.

Questek has been offering expert visualisation solutions to its clients for several years and we are also involved in equipping South African Soccer World Cup stadiums (notably Orlando and Royal Bafokeng) with integrated and networked audiovisual solutions to ensure the comfort and safety of spectators.  Our monitoring installations give officials a better idea of what is happening inside and outside the stadiums, improving safety and ensuring that any crimes that may happen are recorded.

Questek Advanced Technologies can supply you with advanced monitoring solutions too, so save money and gain efficiency by utilising the experts today.  Contact us.