Professional Stage Lighting

Questek Advanced Technologies is your professional supplier of event displays and stage lighting.  Whether you need lighting for a music event, art show or any other type of stage show, our stage lighting is customised to suit your event to a tee.  Enhance the visual appeal of your stage event with professional lighting from the lighting experts.

We install lights wherever they would be most suited to achieve the most desirable effect, whether it is overhead or in the wings of the stage.  Multi-coloured flashing lights may be used to create a psychedelic effect.  It is very important that your lighting suits your mood and that it is adaptable, because the function of the lighting is to show off your performers to best effect, illuminate their faces without unwanted shadows and show their facial expressions, whether it is an opera event or a rock concert.

Of course, to tick all the boxes, lighting has to be planned very carefully to enhance the performance and not detract from it while giving the audience an experience that is a faithful representation of what the artists are trying to convey to them.  Some of the stage lights may sweep over the audience periodically, drawing them into the action.  Lights can be made to pan, flash, move and sweep in many different colours.  Patterned templates may be used in front of the lights to project shapes that spin and change colour.

Questek Advanced Technologies can provide professional stage lighting for any type of event.  In addition, we also offer many other networked and integrated audiovisual solutions and installations.  For more information on our company and our services, contact us today.