Surveillance Screens

Surveillance screens are usually connected to CCTV cameras to enable security personnel to keep an eye on your property or premises.  Questek Advanced Technologies supplies CCTV systems and surveillance screens so you can have an entire camera and display network dedicated to the safety of your property.  Our surveillance solutions give you a bird’s eye view of your premises.

Studies have shown that surveillance cameras may prevent crimes from happening in the first place.  When criminals see that there are surveillance cameras fitted, they know that they are being watched and may often abandon the idea of breaking in, opting instead for easier prey and places with fewer security measures.  CCTV footage is often used to follow up on leads after a crime has happened and the effectiveness of this technology has discouraged many break-ins at places where these devices are fitted.

Security personnel all over the country are watching their surveillance displays daily for crimes or attempted crimes.  The cameras are fitted at tollgates, business reception areas, boom gates, shopping centres, filling stations, casinos, airports and other large public places where a lot of people are present and safety surveillance is required.  The images from all the cameras are transmitted within the closed circuit to dedicated displays.  The feeds may be shown separately, each on its own display or tiled on one display.  The latest technology has also made it far easier to search for the footage you need, if you have to review something.

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