Video Conferencing Solutions

Questek Advanced Technologies is a visualisation expert and we can provide your business with video conferencing solutions.  Video conferencing is convenient and you save a lot of money on travelling costs.  Change the way you meet, even if all the delegates are in different locations.

Video conferencing allows meeting delegates to see each other on the monitors in their offices, even if they are sitting in different parts of the country.  This technology obviates the need for delegate to travel to each other, saving on travelling risk and costs.  By extension, it saves much time too.  Video conferencing enables people who have never met to converse with each other and participate in the same meetings and projects while they are in different places.  Employees from different branches can collaborate on common projects without meeting in person.  It also makes projects possible between parties who would not be able to justify travelling expenses to meet each other personally.  Video conferencing makes all these meetings quick and painless.

Questek has assisted the University of Limpopo with comprehensively upgrading their video conferencing facilities, as it was felt that the committee members wasted too much time and was exposed to risks while travelling long distances for meetings.  It also proved an ideal way to significantly reduce the costs of their committee meetings.  The university has opted for the automated camera tracking system, whereby a delegate pushes a button on a console and the camera then focuses on that person as they start to speak.

Economise your meetings and realise substantial time and cost savings by utilising the advantages of a proper video conferencing system.  Questek Advanced Technologies can advise you on the system that will suit your needs.  Contact us today.