LED Backdrops

Questek Advanced Technologies supply the Barco OLite 510 LED backdrop


Nowadays, music concerts, fashion shows and other stage events are becoming more and more sophisticated with the level of technology employed to entertain and dazzle the audience.  LED backdrops are a prime example.  LED backdrops serve as the stage backdrop, but this is a backdrop with a difference.  This backdrop is an enormous display screen that can display almost anything a television can display.  Only, this is an enormous television that serves as an entire stage background.  Questek Advanced Technologies supply the Barco OLite 510 LED backdrop for this purpose.

OLite 510 is a multifunctional outdoor/indoor SMD LED display made up of OLite 510 tiles.  Every OLite 510 tile, in turn, is made up of 64 OLite 510 modules.  This modular concept allows creative displays of practically any shape and size to be built.  It was developed especially for the demanding rental and staging market; in fact, it was the first LED tile that was designed not only for creative applications, but also for IMAG (image magnification).  OLite 510 is the most versatile LED display system available today, because it can be used as a conventional display or a creative display, both indoors and outdoors.

Great uniformity and very wide viewing angles are possible – even at short viewing distances – because of the SMD LED technology employed.  The specifications speak for themselves:

  • IP 65 protecting rating
  • 15-bit processing provides superior uniformity and colour depth
  • 500 Nit brightness level
  • 10mm pixel pitch resolution

Clearly, Barco OLite 510 represents a quantum leap in LED display technology and it has changed the yardstick by which LED backdrops are measured.  Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you many other integrated visualisation solutions too, so contact us today.