Digital Cinema

Digital cinema has brought with it exciting new possibilities, being a notable evolution in the entertainment industry.  Widely used in digital post-production and top-quality film screenings, Questek Advanced Technologies’ Barco digital cinema products represent the very latest technological advances.  Barco has a long-term commitment to the global digital cinema market and we are pleased to be the exclusive South African distributor of their excellent products.

Barco’s DP-3000 digital cinema projector is of a new generation that delivers picture-perfect 3D images.  3D has taken the world by storm and digital production systems have made it significantly cheaper to shoot in 3D.  The number of 3D cinema screens is growing very rapidly and in fact, Questek was instrumental in outfitting the entire Emperors Palace complex of six cinemas with the technology – the first cinema complex in the country to be so equipped in full.  It is estimated that there is already almost 10,000 3D-enabled cinemas in the world.

There are several excellent reasons to consider Barco’s DP Series.  Barco has stabilised chip temperature and improved longevity and, along with a modular design that allows for easy servicing and repair, uptime is maximised.  DP’s cost of ownership is extremely competitive and there is a solution for every screen size.  The product is lightweight and easy to install and use, yet it is of the best quality and specification.  For example, the 0.98-inch DC2K TI technology allows a projector brightness of 30k lm.  At the same time, image quality is unmatched and remote monitoring and control is offered.

Questek Advanced Technologies is pleased to be the sole distributor and installer of the superb Barco digital cinema products.  For more information on all the other visualisation solutions that we can offer you, contact us today.